Greetings from The Jeweler's Daughter!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As the title of my blog suggests, I was raised in the jewelry business, playing hide and seek behind showcases, and rummaging through "the scrap box" full of treasure in my family’s store. As a teenager, I made extra cash wiping down showcases, steam cleaning jewelry, and stuffing envelopes during the Christmas rush.
At my father's behest, I decided to join the family business in 2014. I have been  delighted to discover how well my background in museum curating and my lifetime appreciation of aesthetics have lent themselves to my family’s business! 
Although my focus here at Factory's has so far been on marketing, social media, and website development, I hope to get more hands on with the DIAMONDS in 2016! I already have my GIA certificate in Diamond Essentials, and am working on completing one in Diamonds & Diamond Grading.  I'm really looking forward to visiting GIA's NYC campus in the spring to do the required lab work for this course! Although I lived in New York for 5 years, I was not in the jewelry business at that time, and did not spend much time in the Diamond District. 47th Street here I come! 
For now, however, it's time to settle in and finish our new website, which will be going live shortly, and to gear up for the holiday season. We also have a new logo to reveal, and a holiday flier to produce (not to mention diamonds to sell!). Things are heating up here at Factory's, so be sure to check in often! 


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